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Detection of Extended - Spectrum Beta - Lactamases in Escherichia coli Isolates and it’s Correlation with Vesicoureteral Reflux Nephropathy

Parsa Yousefichaijan 1 , Masoud Rezagholizamenjany 2 , * , Fatemeh Safi 3 , Fatemeh Rafiei 4 and Ali Arjmand 5
Authors Information
1 Department of Pediatric Nephrology, Amir Kabir Hospital, Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran
2 Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran
3 Department of Radiology, Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran
4 Department of Biostatistics, Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Center, Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran
5 Department of Pediatric, Amir Kabir Hospital, Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran
Article information
  • Archives of Pediatric Infectious Diseases: July 2018, 6 (3); e12101
  • Published Online: June 10, 2018
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: April 25, 2017
  • Revised: June 19, 2017
  • Accepted: August 28, 2017
  • DOI: 10.5812/pedinfect.12101

To Cite: Yousefichaijan P, Rezagholizamenjany M, Safi F, Rafiei F, Arjmand A. Detection of Extended - Spectrum Beta - Lactamases in Escherichia coli Isolates and it’s Correlation with Vesicoureteral Reflux Nephropathy, Arch Pediatr Infect Dis. 2018 ; 6(3):e12101. doi: 10.5812/pedinfect.12101.

Copyright © 2018, Archives of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License ( which permits copy and redistribute the material just in noncommercial usages, provided the original work is properly cited
1. Background
2. Objectives
3. Methods
4. Results
5. Discussion
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